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Basic blue print to a balanced cocktail

We’re excited to be teaming up with cocktail maestro, Adam Keeligan of Superstitious Bartending, to bring you a versatile cocktail blueprint that’ll have you impressing your guests in no time.

We’re in a time where bartenders are tirelessly working on their craft to create delicious cocktails that utilise all of their ingredients and create the perfect balance – delivering aspects of flavour from everything that goes into it.

I’m here to deliver the basic foundations so you can create your own delicious and balanced cocktails from the comfort of your own home.
A few important things to note: More alcohol doesn’t always equate to a better cocktail, expensive alcohol doesn’t always make a better cocktail and worldwide popular alcohol brands don’t always work the best in cocktails.

The blue print I always use for a balanced cocktail is:
• 2 parts strong (spirits/liqueurs)
• 1 part sour
• ½ part sweet
• Pinch/dash of savoury

The main aim is that you want to be able to taste and appreciate every aspect and ingredient that goes into your drink, and it doesn’t have to be unique ingredients or out of this world recipes.

For example, my starting recipe for a humble daiquiri is always 2 parts white rum, 1 part fresh lime juice, ½ part sugar syrup and *secret tip* a pinch of salt. – all things you can find in your homes or the shop – and depending on your tastes – you’ve got a mighty fine drink.

You don’t have to stick to just one ingredient for each aspect either. You can split the strong aspect into two different ingredients. For a good old margarita you could use:
• 1 ½ part tequila, ½ triple sec/orange liqueur
• 1 part fresh lime juice,
• ½ part sugar syrup
• Optional salt on the rim of the glass (brilliant for cleansing your pallet).

Cocktails are evolving and so are our taste-buds. You don’t need fifty year-old aged ingredients mixed with exotic garnishes to make better drinks. You can look in your cupboard or on supermarket shelves to find everyday ingredients that you can turn into delicious cocktails.

This is what I want people to think about this summer, not about masking a cocktail with soft drinks and sodas, but balancing it using simple ingredients that are accessible to almost everyone.

If I can, I want to leave you with the words of bar guru Adam MacDonald: ‘Making better drinks at home lifts your knowledge, you share this with friends and before you know it: you’re part of a movement that is interested in drinking better, not just stronger.’

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