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Introducing an Instafoodie – WhurldOfFoodx

It’s been a while but our Instafoodie feature is back! We give our readers the chance to meet the people behind some of the biggest food blog accounts in and around Yorkshire.

Our next Instafoodie is Alex Whur who runs ‘WhurldOfFoodx’ on Instagram. Her account has nearly 6,000 followers as she loves to showcase the numerous restaurants in and around Leeds and Wakefield.

We had a chat with Alex to find out more about ‘WhurldOfFoodx’ and how the idea came out.

When did you start your Instagram page?
I started WhurldOfFoodx in June 2019.

Why did you want to become a food blogger?
For as long as I can remember I have loved food! When I started full time work after University, going out for food with friends was my favourite thing to do and where most my money went! I started to try new and different places each time I went out. I love all food so I loved trying new restaurants, trying different cuisines, and going to independent places. I would get comments from friends and replies to stories saying I’m always eating delicious looking food and I should start a food page!

What do you love the most about food and drink?
EVERYTHING! I love how many kinds of food there is, there’s literally something for every mood. You can have unique twists on the simplest things by adding the tastiest flavours. I also absolutely love the social side – there is nothing better than a good catch up over some amazing food!

Where is your favourite place you have visited? 
In terms of actual places, as you can imagine, New York is absolutely unreal for food. The food is much saltier and sweeter than the UK but that is what I loved! I couldn’t possibly choose restaurant wise, however I will give a special shout out to Moose Coffee for the best breakfast dishes ever.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I of course love trying new places and foods but sharing a raving review after eating something is great. I love that people message me about recommendations for big events such as birthday meals or my personal favourite is when people order from or go to independent businesses purely from seeing my post.

What is your proudest achievement since you started your page?
For me, it’s that I have gained a genuine following from my constituency over the last two years and the passion I put into my page. When lockdown one happened, I made sure I still had regular content by sharing new home cooked meals or baking recipes. It is also a good sense of achievement being approached by different brands – nationwide restaurants and smaller businesses asking to collaborate and help with promotions.

What would you say to someone thinking about creating an Instagram food page?
If you’re passionate about it then do it! Nothing shines more than the passion behind a page. Being consistent is key to gain a good following.

What are your plans for the future?
Restaurants are opening back up, so it means it is back to the OG eating out style pictures mainly on the feed! I can’t wait to try new places and carry on sharing them with my lovely followers. Making sure my page is always promoting the best local foods is what I plan to carry on doing!

Make sure you head over to Instagram and give WhurldOfFoodx a follow for some tasty recommendations and reviews!

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