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Perfect pairings: Matching your music with your food and drink to create sweet harmony for the senses

You’ve heard of food and drink pairing, but what about pairing the two with music? There’s scientific evidence to show that the music we listen to influences our mood and a number of food and drink experts believe that listening to the right kind of music can change our perception on what we eat and drink, too.

University tests on sensory perception have found that pitch and sound can affect the salivary glands and the detection of salt and spices, which is hardly surprising considering the auditory and gustatory receptors of the brain are in such close proximity.

Halifax couple Tabby and Simon Kerwin were so fascinated by their research into this concept that they have devised a series of events, The MF Tasting Notes, aimed at pairing music with food and drink for a complete sensory experience.

Tabby and Simon also run an events company and are also both professional brass musicians. Tabby explained: “We both love reading and learning and discovering new things so we were truly delighted when we found research about some of our favourite things in life working so well together; yes, wine and music! We also used to enjoy a show on Classic FM, which gave tasting notes on selected wines and recommended music to listen to whilst drinking them. We decided to take it a step further than that.”

Tabby and Simon spent weeks researching the connection between wine and music and launched The MF Tasting Notes in July this year. Tabby told us: “We were obviously already aware of the importance and trend of wine pairing with food so having learned about the connection with music too, we put everything together. Our senses should be excited by the things we eat, drink, touch, smell, see and hear and this is what The MF Tasting Notes has been designed to do, use all five senses. Already being professionals in the field of events, music and food, we wanted to create the perfect experience that would encompass all the elements, allowing guests to enjoy a great evening of food and drink and be wowed by the effect that different music choices have on your sense of taste.”

So what food and drink goes with what music? Tabby recommends that a nice artisan gin goes with jazz and a delicious Malbec be paired with a traditional Argentinian steak and a Tango.

To make the events happen, Tabby and Simon have joined forces with local wine and drink experts, musicians and foodies. Tabby said: “We’ve tried as much as we can to support other local businesses in our venture and it’s great to work with suppliers from Yorkshire. The food for our events is a menu I designed myself and is being provided by Friends For Dinner, who are based near Tadcaster, the wine comes from The Fine Drinks Cooperative and the music is provided by local musicians The Rothwell Temperance Band.”

The MF Tasting Notes’ next event is ‘A Little Gin and Jazz’, a relaxed dining experience with five courses of food paired with five artisan gins, which will take place on January 27th at East Keswick Hall. For tickets and further information about all other upcoming events, visit

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