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Rise of the Independents: York family-run restaurant beats corporate chains to No.1

In a triumphant tale of culinary prowess and independent spirit, Casa Brazilian Rodizio, a vibrant family-run steakhouse nestled in the heart of York on Micklegate, has achieved the remarkable feat of claiming the number one spot on TripAdvisor within the city’s competitive dining scene. Surpassing corporate giants, Casa Rodizio’s rise to prominence marks a David versus Goliath moment, celebrating the triumph of local flavour and authentic experience over the mass-produced fare.

Casa Rodizio is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey to the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro. The aroma of mouthwatering grilled meats, the pulsating rhythm of samba music, and the warmth of Brazilian hospitality greet guests as they step through its doors. At the heart of the Casa experience lies the traditional Brazilian “rodizio,” an immersive dining style where a continuous parade of succulent meats is carved tableside until diners are fully satisfied.

“Our aim at Casa Rodizio has always been to offer our guests an unforgettable taste of Brazil’s culinary traditions,” says owner Eduardo Caetano, the visionary behind Casa’s success. “We take immense pride in crafting an experience that not only tantalises the taste buds but also transports our guests to the vibrant streets of Brazil.”

Casa’s rodizio-style feast promises a meat lover’s paradise, from tender prime beef to flavorful lamb, pork, Brazilian-style sausages, and succulent chicken. Meticulously seasoned and cooked by expert Brazilian chefs, each bite is a symphony of flavours. Seafood enthusiasts and vegetarians will also find equally enticing options on their expansive menu, including grilled pineapple with cinnamon and a bountiful salad bar featuring traditional Brazilian sides and speciality dishes.

Casa’s carefully curated wine list, handcrafted cocktails, and refreshing caipirinhas – the national cocktail of Brazil – will take your dining experience to new heights. And if that wasn’t enough! As your culinary journey concludes, Indulge in a selection of traditional desserts and ice creams, including the owner’s grandmother’s cherished recipe for Brazilian Pudim de Leite – a rich and creamy caramel flan. Pair it with one of Casa’s signature hot beverages, such as their renowned Irish coffee and you’ll be soaring above the skies of Minas Gerais, basking in the warmth of Brazilian hospitality and flavours that transport you to paradise.

In a city brimming with culinary delights, Casa Brazilian Rodizio’s rise to the top is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and authenticity. As an independent, family-run establishment, Casa represents resilience and creativity. It proves that in the battle between the local independents and corporate behemoths, staying true to yourself pays off. And in York, people appreciate that kind of authenticity, supporting the businesses in their community that share the same values.

“We are immensely grateful to our loyal customers and the amazing York community for their support,” adds owner Eduardo Caetano. “This achievement is not just ours; it belongs to every member of York’s independent food and drink scene and to everyone who believed in us.”

For a dining experience that will take you on a journey across the globe, we invite you to join Casa Brazilian Rodizio to taste the true flavours of Brazil right here in the city centre of York

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