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Thicc – From a popular foodie page to offering the THICCEST desserts nationwide

Wine & Dine Yorkshire loves discovering new businesses that have been founded during lockdown and are having huge success.

Based in Leeds, Thicc is another lockdown creation, starting from a popular foodie page to then launching nationwide delivery of baked goodies.

From ‘Thicc’ cookies to beautiful brownies, friends Pheobe and Katherine offer a wide range of flavour that are guaranteed to sell out each week!

Wine & Dine had a chat with Katherine to find out more about the business, how it started and what the plans for the future are.

How did the idea of Thicc come about?
The idea of Thicc originally started out in an entirely different way! Phoebe (our co-owner) originally created a popular foodie page, called ‘what y’avin?’ And after receiving lots of traction and requests for the amazing baked goods she was posting, herself and her sister originally developed ‘what cookies y’avin?’ To sell the biggest and thickest cookies in leeds. Shortly after, myself, Katherine (the other co-owner!) joined the team, bringing the gooey brownies and blondies to the menu. Shortly it became increasingly popular, with us being posted by many influencers,  with hundreds of thousands of followers, and the demand became incredible! A few months ago, with just Katherine and phoebe running the business, we decided to re brand on a name that really captured the essence of our business, and from there Thicc was born!

Who are the faces behind the business?
So we are currently still a tiny team, with only best friends Phoebe (20) and Katherine (22) running it all! We are both full-time elite athletes, spending our time training 6 days a week and travelling the world competing in European and world championships. In between running the business and trying to qualify for Olympic Games, we love to walk and hike in the beautiful Yorkshire country!

What makes Thicc stand out?
Our stand out selling points, are firstly our huge stuffed cookies, with each one weighing 150g, Thicc is definitely the best word to describe them! Our brownies are the silkiest around and are always packed full of branded chocolate! We also try to provide a bit of an experience, by packing our goods in pretty boxes and bubble wrap, and encouraging people to share their favourite flavours online with us!

Do you deliver nationwide?
We do deliver nationwide!

How did the lockdowns affect your business?
Without lockdown, we never would have had the time to try and build our business. Being full time athletes is an incredibly hard and unstable job at the best of times, and without being able to train and compete we became a little lost. So having the ability to create something to support us in the future, is something we will always be grateful for. With people being at home, it allowed us to provide them with a treat to look forward to, and a little light in the dark times.

What are your plans for the future?
Our plans for the future are certainly ambitious. We both are going to continue training and competing for a few years at least to come, whilst also trying to build our business into a position where we would love to be able to open our own bakery, alongside our online shop. Building and expanding in our business and ourselves is what we will always be trying our best to do!

Thicc kindly gifted us some cookies and brownies to try and we were not disappointed. The package came with clear and easy instructions on how to get warm the treats up (recommended)

Our favourite had to be the lotus and bisoff cookie. Placing it in the oven for three minutes allowed the bisoff spread in the middle to melt and be the perfect sauce to go with the cookie. The brownies were gooey and again topped with tasty treats such as cream egg and kinder. We served ours with a ice cream for that perfect hot and cold combo!

For more information on Thicc and to place an order, visit

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