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Why are we obsessed with posting fancy food and drinks on Instagram?

In a world controlled by social media, we seem to have become obsessed with putting our lives online to show basically everyone and anyone. That means, when we are at a fancy restaurant or cocktail bar, and a dish or drink is placed before us, instead of jumping right in and enjoying the moment, we reach for our phone to snap a few pictures, then we tuck in. But this is all worth it because while we are eating or drinking, the likes on Instagram are racking up, right?

Whatever happened to your eyes lighting up because you couldn’t wait to devour the food in front of you? Now our eyes light up because our dish is so ‘Instagrammable.’

More than once, I have visited a bar, got an overpriced cocktail, but wasn’t mad because the picture and the check-in on Instagram was worth it. Even with friends, we have all took a picture of each others drinks before we actually socialise and enjoy them!

Looking at pictures of food and drink can be a great way to see what a restaurant or bar offer before you visit, you can see the quality and what people think. However, although it is a good way for businesses to get advertising for free, I don’t think people are posting pictures for that reason!

Sometimes you might just be so impressed, you want to share with all your friends what you are having. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, and it saves you having to tell people how good it was in person.

Other times, you might want to show that your being healthy by having a salad, indulging by having a dessert, or even show people that you have dared to go into unknown food territory with the weird dish.

Mainly though, people like to show off on Instagram and check in to expensive restaurants on Facebook to paint a picture of the life they live. That fillet steak or espresso martini might make people jealous, right? It might even make you seem something your not? You rarely see pictures of your local run down cafe (which you probably get more for your money at!) or the fancy half of diet coke your drinking, or heaven forbid, a simple home cooked plate of food! People only share what they want you to see.

For some, seeing people at upmarket restaurants and sipping a cocktail, could make it seem feel they also have to visit these places to ‘fit in’ which what seems to be the norm. We have all been guilty to this.

Sometimes not everything needs to be on social media, sometimes a plate of food might’ve been amazing, a gin and tonic was lovely, but you didn’t capture the moment on your phone and that’s okay.

Foodstagramming and Drinkstagramming is great, but the growing trend makes it seem only certain food and drink is worthy of being on Instagram.

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