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Supermarket cocktail concoctions

Even the most delicious cocktails can be easily achievable for all to craft as we demonstrate in our latest cocktail feature.

In our last issue, we went to Leeds’ Milo to speak to the bar’s resident mixologist Chris Robb about making cocktails relevant and accessible for everyone. Especially at a time when artisanal drinks can often get bogged down with fussy ingredients and painstaking methods. So to expand on that feature, we’ve assembled our favourite cocktails cobbled together using the most basic, budget supermarket ingredients that we could get our hands on!

Bloody Mary
An incredibly simple cocktail to put together, and an ideal one to make with Halloween on the horizon. It won’t set your wallet or purse back too far either. But most of these ingredients might already be lurking around your house… This one has the potential to be a real firecracker, depending on how much hot sauce you’re brave enough to use!
2 parts vodka
4 parts tomato juice
Lemon juice
Tabasco sauce
Salt and pepper
Crushed ice
Very simple – just mix everything together and pour into a long glass over ice. Finish by adding dashes of Tabasco sauce.

Baby Guinness
Whether you’ve had the day from hell at work, or need a morning booster that’s a little stronger than your usual latte or Americano, the Baby Guinness shot might just be what you’re looking for. And fear not, Guinness objectors! It might be in the name, but there’s no Guinness to be found anywhere in this moreish, little shot cocktail.
Coffee liqueur
Baileys Irish Cream
Take a shot glass and pour the coffee liqueur in, leaving a little room at the top. Then, carefully using the back of a spoon, pour the Baileys on top. This will prevent it from falling straight to the bottom.

Cheeky Vimto
This one will be a hit among all the fresh-faced students this academic year, as it includes just two simple ingredients – one of which is sure to be lying around your nan’s house somewhere…
2 shots of ruby port
1 bottle of WKD blue
Even simpler than the Bloody Mary. Just pour everything into a tumbler and enjoy!

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